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Cansell helps a seller to post his/ her un-used tickets and vouchers.Buyer shall be able to get these at a discounted price against paying the full price. The reasons for posting the could vary,to name a few
  • Booked in advance, met with unforeseen appointment
  • Over booked
  • One person in a group could not make it
  • Shopped last time, got vouchers, not finding use for them
You can find a suitable person on the platform in need of your offering
Any type of ticket/ vouchers which you are unable to use. Currently, the only option is to cancel it for a loss or leave them to expire; instead you could look for a person who needs it and pass on for a better price than you would have lost otherwise.
At cansell you could post your un-used tickets in the following categories
  • Movies
  • Vouchers
Cheaper than the normal sites - There could be people who bought it in advance and unable to make it. You could get these tickets/ vouchers at a lesser price if the seller is going to lose more by cancelling
Cansell takes the responsibility of the transaction only if the Seller has opted for a secure transaction, it allows the buyer raise a dispute if the tickets/ vouchers and points are not valid. On the free platform, cansell does not take any responsibility.
In a secure transaction, Cansell acts as a mediator between the buyer and seller and holds the payment and provides a digital delivery of tickets/ vouchers.
Seller has to wait anywhere between 48-72 Hrs in case of secure payment, this is only to avoid fraudulent transactions on the platform. In case of points trading on the platform, seller has to wait until the buyer confirms the receipt of goods received.
Cansell has a chat feature and recommends the use of this function to record all the conversations, all communication between the buyer and seller can be viewed in case of a dispute.
Cansell does not have shipping services as of now, the mode of shipping and receiving shall be discussed between the Buyer and Seller.
Both parties (Buyer/ Seller) can raise a dispute on a transaction
There could be multiple reasons for a dispute, a few of them are listed below
  • Buyer did not receive what he/she has asked for using the points catalogue
  • Tickets sold to him were not genuine
  • Vouchers could not be redeemed
  • Product received had a damage
  • Show cancelled
Once you register yourself for a secure pay with Cansell, all payments are made to your registered bank account.
Cansell provides all its users to add multiple bank accounts for a NEFT payment and Paytm in case of digital wallet money.
Yes,if the Seller has enabled the option to negotiate, Cansell provides a feature to negotiate with the seller.
Cansell creates a separate ID for your post and will link all the buyers to that ID, hence you can chat and negotiate with multiple buyers.
In the free platform, ``Secure Pay`` will not be available, instead you need to arrive your own payment methods.
Since the payment and transaction is happening outside the system, the dispute on a free transaction cannot be enabled.
Here are some of the best practice of a safe and secure free transaction
  • a. Always meet the party only at crowded/public places
  • b. Better to transfer the money online, for the transaction to be recorded
  • c. Movie Tickets
    • i. Check if the tickets are still available
    • ii. Good to meet at theatre prior to the show
    • iii. Accept actual/ physical tickets than mobile messages
    • iv. Double check if the ticketsare for the right language screening
    • v. Make sure you remove the post after you have found a buyer to avoid more calls
    • vi. Please do not pay more than the printed price, while paying less is fine
  • d. Vouchers
    • i. Always complete transactions together for e-vouchers
    • ii. Do not share the voucher code via email,message or on phone. If it gets used you cannot claim again
    • iii. Check for the genuineness of the voucher with the original issuer
    • iv. Always look for the expiry date

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