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Terms and Conditions
By creating an account with Cansell, users are bound by the following terms
  • Users agree to share the post information along with their name, phone number and e-mail ID`s to other Cansell members
  • Cansell does not share any bank information of users with other users
  • Users accept calls/ Chat and negotiations from fellow Cansell platform users even if they are in the DND list
  • Posting on Cansell means the user is authorizing the sale of the ticket/ voucher that he/ she posses
Platform Guidelines
Cansell recommends a few best practices to make sure the users have a smooth transaction
  • Do not pay more than the printed price
  • Always meet the buyer/ seller at a crowded place
  • Transfer money online for the transaction to be recorded, avoid using cash for transactions
  • Check if the tickets are still available with the institutions
  • Make sure the ticket/ voucher that you have bought is valid and suits your need
  • Remember to collect the mobile/ e-tickets at least 30 mins prior to the event
  • Do not share the mobile/ e-tickets/codes with users unless the payment is made
  • For tickets which involve name change, check with the institutions prior and let them know about the name change
Refund Policy

Cansell is a consumer to consumer platform and deals with the payment only with “Secure Pay” – a feature to enable secure payment between Buyer and a Seller. In such a case where if the Buyer raises a dispute, Cansell team further investigates the transaction and nature of dispute. Once Cansell resolves the dispute in the Buyers favor, a refund shall be arranged.

Termination of account
  • Users are provided access to Cansell platform through an User ID and Password to Post / Request tickets/vouchers and trade points. Cansell has rights to modify/ delete the post if
  • Content provided in the post is inappropriate
  • Complaint from fellow Cansell members
  • If found that tickets/ vouchers are sold at higher price - creating black market
  • In each of the cases above, Cansell has the right to delete the post and terminate/ suspend the user account
Links to other sites

Cansell does not re-direct users to any other sites. Cansell has presence on the web and uses the digital medium to market/ create awareness about the concept. Other mediums may re-direct you to Cansell`s site in such cases


Content on our site is provided by consumers and will be available for public use. Any proprietary content published on our site by any of the cansell members is at their own rights. Cansell will not take responsibility of the content, however if there is compliant from fellow Cansell members or there is explicit content, a call for dispute may be raised. Cansell has all the rights to terminate/ suspend the users account if found one of the above information is valid

Shipping Policies

Cansell does not provide shipping services of any goods on the platform. Since the platform deals with tickets/ vouchers which are mostly available in the digital format, these can be e-mailed.

Payment Terms

Payments shall be made to seller within 72 Hrs of completion of transaction is there is no dispute raised by the buyer. In case of points trading, the payment shall upon the receipt of goods delivery. All payments are made either to the bank accounts using NEFT or to PAYTM in case of digital wallet cash


If there is a cancellation of the show from the institution, Cansell shall take a call with the buyer and seller to address the transaction. The payment refund terms of the institution will be applicable for the seller to receive the payment post which the same can be passed on to the buyer. In this process Cansell can only resolve the transaction dispute, however will not be responsible for any dispute further.

Dispute System

Post the sale, following are the processes at cansell.in

  1. Buyer completes the transaction by paying the value quoted by seller
  2. Cansell team reaches out to the seller/ post owner
  3. Codes are collected from the seller
  4. Codes are validated through the backend systems
  5. Codes are shared with the buyer
  6. Buyer redeems the code
  7. Money gets transferred to seller

All of the above process happens within 48 Hrs, cansell takes the responsibility of the transaction only and not the security of the gift card/ code.

To prevent fraudulent activities, cansell has created this dispute cell which can take legal action against the person found making fraud.

  1. All accounts created by user with fraudlent charges shall be de-activated
  2. Both parties shall provide thier valid Photo ID and Address proof for further investigation
  3. If the brand pruchased has a wallet option, both parties shall provide the screen shot of the wallet

Dispute Time frame:

Disputes can be raised by the buyer within 48 Hrs of the purchase. Any disputes raised post 48 Hrs of purchase or post transferring the money to the seller, dispute does not hold good.

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